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Ornamental Trees and Plants - Home and Garden
Ornamental plants and trees are used for decorative places and not for earning wealth. In residential landscaping, ornamental trees usually mean smaller trees that cannot support tree houses, hammocks or tree swings. You can have a tree in your backyard even if you do not have too much space. You can choose small ornamental trees which will give you the pleasure of having trees in your yards without affecting its appeal. For truly small areas, you can opt for ornamental plants which can add fragrance or beauty for your home. [...]

How Plants and Trees Help Insulate Your Home
You don't need to be an environmentalist to know how much impact trees and other plants have on your immediate surroundings. Step into a forest on a windy day and you will quickly find you are in an oasis of peace. The further in you go, the less wind there is and the quieter everything becomes. In the natural world, trees set the conditions for other plants to grow. They provide shade and keep temperatures down in summer and shelter delicate species from the blasting winds of winter. You can use trees- and other plants- to insulate your home too. [...]

How Do You Preserve Dried Flowers?
Flowers are indispensable for decorations and ornaments. But flowers do wilt and die.
Flowers may not be available all year round, but when you preserve them, as in dried flowers, you have at your disposal a wide array of magnificent cost-effective means of decorating. When you preserve flowers you do not only recycle natural materials and not only exercise your creative juices. With dried flowers you can make the beauty of flowers available, regardless of season. [...]